Our Mission

To connect people all over the world using the R-Marketplace and the Revolt Token.

  • Decentralized marketplaces are what blockchains are all about. They allow people to interact and transact on a global, permission-less, and self-executing platform. phones, hot sauce, and t-shirts can all be bought and sold without needing to trust a middleman.
  • R-Marketplace relies on smart contracts to help carry out transactions.
  • At its core, R-Marketplace matches buyers and sellers of goods and services. Most of the important functionality like executing trades and releasing funds are controlled by a smart contract / program instead of a person.
  • It means that buyers and sellers agree to terms and when the terms are fulfilled, the transaction is automatically executed by the smart contract. This makes decentralized marketplaces permission-less, resistant to censorship, and trustless. Revolt will be a global 24/7 payment system.